How Elders are abused using IPC 498A


How Elderly Citizens are abused:-

  • Aged parents, after struggling lifelong and after discharging various duties and responsibilities such as education of the children, house and marriage of the children wants a peaceful life in the old age. But as is found by various research reports by various NGO’s across India, they suffer the most in case the marriage of their son and daughter-in-law ends in dispute. Under the dreaded and dangerous IPC 498A,the elderly parents of the husband are immediately arrested and sent to prison, just on a written false complaint of the daughter-in-law. After a struggling life the elderly parents have to undergo the harrowing and humiliating experience of prison and police station.
  • IPC 498A has brought in large scale elder abuse. Apart from undergoing humiliation and harassment in the police station, courts etc and after running after the court for many years are acquitted. Such acquittal is meaningless as over the years these aged parents go through depression, disease, harassment, humiliation, torture etc.
  • Many of them die premature deaths unable to face humiliation and harassment.
  • Along with IPC 498A, Domestic Violence Act also has become a cause of worry for the innocent elders on whom false cases under these laws are being booked. Under the Domestic Violence Act, if a daughter-in-law gives a complaint to the magistrate then the entire family of the husband including his aged old parents is thrown out from the house and is forced to stay away from their own house which they had built after years of struggle with their lifelong savings. In the name of protecting ‘a young married wife’ senior citizens are abused and are humiliated by a system which is insensitive to the needs of elderly people.
  • Unlike the Western countries where there are shelter homes provided by government, in India such aged, elderly parents have to depend upon their son and daughter-in-law for their survival, medical treatment and care etc. This is also a fact of the life that once a person cross 50+ they suffer from various ailments for which they need extra care, affection treatment extra etc. A modern, young, well educated and working daughter-in-law considers age old parents of her husband a burden on her, as she needs to take care of them and also because she considers them an inhibition on her freedom to life. IPC 498A is convenient tool for throwing elderly form their house and sending them to old age home.
  • The Elderly require Geriatric and health care. IPC 498A deprives them of healthcare by diverting huge financial resources towards legal expenses.
  • Elderly Citizens are subjected to verbal and mental abuse by daughter-in-laws. They have to put with it so that their sons are not booked falsely under IPC498A.
  • Many are subjected to violence by their daughter-in-laws and they have no where they can go for redressal.
  • Elder Citizens are denied access to their grandchildren by their daughter-in-laws even on their deathbed. Custody laws should also recognize rights of grandparents and they must be given access to their grandchildren in case of separation and divorce husband and wife.
  • Elder Citizens are neglected by their indecorous daughter-in-laws and they have no option but to suffer in silence due to fear of being falsely booked under IPC 498A

About Amartya Talukdar

About: AMARTYA TALUKDAR was born in Kolkata, India. He has done his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Benaras Hindu University. He is an avid blogger, computer geek , humanist , rationalist .
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4 Responses to How Elders are abused using IPC 498A

  1. Xavier says:

    So sad… and yet the government is not opening its eyes.

  2. vyasamoorthy says:

    Save the Indian Family or some such NGO also works for this cause.This kindly of abusing using law is deplorable. Please do spread awareness.

  3. I agree with your views, such incidents are common. But there is also the other side of the coin where daughter-in-laws are mentally and physically tortured by their in-laws.

    The relationship depends much on mutual understanding and adjustment, both ways.

  4. I was not aware of the existence of such an act. Yes, this one could be gravely misused…

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