Globalization has resulted in intense competition. One way to beat competition has been to outsource production to developed countries. In these countries, capitalism has relied heavily of cheap labour of the working women especially low-waged work in service and manufacturing, carried out not only by young single women but also by married women and women with children.

For example in Bangladesh, garments accounts for 80% of the country’s export and women workers account for 85% of the total workforce in the garment industry. The reality is that women are employed in a highly exploitative context. Women workers remain at the bottom of the supply chain, working long hours for poverty wages and denied basic maternity rights.

Capitalist are invoking the feminism to justify exploitation of women.


About Amartya Talukdar

About: AMARTYA TALUKDAR was born in Kolkata, India. He has done his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Benaras Hindu University. He is an avid blogger, computer geek , humanist , rationalist .
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