Martyr of Marriage

10172629_436063013236339_3893870118437447521_nSubhadeep was a young 32 year old doctor . He was a brilliant student and was a fine person.


Subhadeep was a kind and generous person who was dearly loved and respected by his family, friends, colleagues and patients.


Subhadeep was the senior medical officer in charge of the ICCU wing of Burnpur SAIL Hospital. He  primarily handled patients requiring critical care . He was an excellent doctor and was rewarded for his performance by SAIL for his excellence in patient care. Subhadeep has saved thousands of lives and has always spread joy to all who have had the chance to meet him.


He got married three years ago after which things began to go wrong and Subhajeet and his family became subject of Legal extortion. Ruma Khan, the wife of Dr Subhadeep Khan, had lodged an FIR at Kulti police station alleging that she was being mentally and physically tortured by her husband and in laws. The district and sessions court of Burdwan granted an advance bail to Subhadeep’s ageing parents. But, Subhadeep failed to secure bail there. Later, Calcutta high court granted him bail. The sub-inspector of Kulti police station, Tojammel Mondal, in connivance with Subhadeep’s in laws’ started putting pressure on him and even asked him to settle the issue by bribing him and paying alimony to Ruma. When Subhadeep refused, Mojammel threatened him with dire consequences. Failing to sustain such torture, Subhadeep committed suicide by administering upon himself a poisonous injection while on duty at the hospital on March 19 2015. He was compelled to commit suicide becausey his wife, Mrs. Ruma Khan and her parents  were using IPC 498A as a tool to threaten him and extort money from him and his aged parents. Subhadeep has, in his suicide note, explicitly held Mrs. Ruma Khan and her parents Mr. Madhusudan Chandra and Mrs. Pranati Chandra responsible for his death. However the police failed to arrest the accused.

His death caused a furore in West Bengal. There was overwhelming  support for the candle light march that was organised on 5th April at Kolkata from Rani Rashmoni Street, Dharamtala to College Square. Despite the norwester and heavy showers, as many as 200-250 people turned up for the march, a mojority of them women. It made headlines and was covered by media.



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In the meantime District and sessions judge of Burdwan Pawan Kumar Mondal has directed Asansol-Durgapur police commissioner Vineet Goyal to probe the role of the sub-inspector of Kulti police station, Tojammel Mondal in the case. The court directive has created a stir in local police headquarters as it has come as a chilling reminder of the alleged role of senior cops in the mysterious death of Rizwanur Rahaman in Kolkata a few years ago. Justice Mondal expressed his dismay that no action has yet been taken against the accused police officer despite the victim’s family lodging an FIR against him. He has directed police commissioner Goyal to investigate the incident and submit a report within 15 days. The judge termed the incident to be very unfortunate and “such kind of false cases against husbands should be immediately stopped”.


In the context of misuse of Section 498A leading to increasing number of suicides by falsely accused men, the Hon’ble Chairperson of the West Bengal Women’s Commission, Ms. Sunanda Mukherjee states that a person commits suicide because such person lacks will power.

chair(Ms. Sunanda Mukherjee)

This is especially interesting in light of Section 498A which defines “cruelty” as follows: “any wilful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide …”

So the Hon’ble Chairperson has to clarify

Are you saying that a woman can be compelled to commit suicide (and that does not show lack of will power on her part) but when a man commits suicide due to such conduct that drives him to do so, then it is simply a lack of will power and not cruelty?


Should it be understood that any person who commits suicide does so only because he or she lacks will power? In that case the very definition of cruelty under Section 498A lacks substance and it is time for a relook.


As the debate continues, society lost another great son as Subhadeep became another Martyr of Marriage.


About Amartya Talukdar

About: AMARTYA TALUKDAR was born in Kolkata, India. He has done his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Benaras Hindu University. He is an avid blogger, computer geek , humanist , rationalist .
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8 Responses to Martyr of Marriage

  1. I condemn the statement of Hon’ble Chairperson of WBCW. She can not keep blind eye on the suffering of the victims of misuse of Sec 498A of IPC.

  2. Excellent post.. Kudos. I am sure now many will realize the danger of such laws.

  3. Pradeep says:

    The sick attitude of neglecting pain of man has not just stopped to claiming that a man that committed lacked will power. It has extended to criminals easily getting away with first forcing a man to commit suicide and then declaring it as simple accident

  4. Reblogged this on The Male Factor and commented:
    A bright doctor from West Bengal was forced to commit suicide for legal terrorism. May his soul rest in peace.

  5. Manohar says:

    Corruption in of all sector of judicial system is existed. So there is no end for martyr of marriage

  6. C.J. Sledgehammer says:

    Makes you wonder what is really going on behind the world scene and who’s really running the show. I think there is no coincidence that India has adopted 498A, while America, Canada, England, etc., allow its women to enjoy all the benefits of men, but suffer none of his consequences. And, when it comes time for crime and punishment, women are typically slapped on the writst and scolded like children – then sent home to think about what they have done.

    No, this is not just about Dr. Subhadeep…it’s a world-wide pandemic! In my country (United Sodomite States of America) women have been putting the screws to men for decades, while the judiciary, politicians and social engineers encourage them to do so. I guess the real question should be: Why don’t all women destroy their men, marriages, families and children, when they have been given the green light to do so?

    Again, it seems there is a movement of female empowerment that is sweeping across the globe and I am not quite sure who is behind these winds of change. Now, even though I believe women should be treated with all due respect (even loved and adored) – I do not believe they should have the ability to make false allegations at will…and destroy their marriages and families just because they can. If women truly want to be equal to men – they must be accountable like men, and must be willing to pay the consequences like their male counterparts have done since the beginning of time. So far, I have only known women who want all the perks that men have earned, but want none of his responsibilities or burdens.

    Before I go, I would just like to mention that, in America, it is known that almost half of all rape cases are fraudulently filed by spiteful women. Even though the crime statistics prove this to be true – women are still protected by the “rape and crime shield” which allows them to make allegations against any man with complete anonymity, while his name is placed in the newspaper and besmeerched, before he has even had a fair hearing. Even when the woman has filled out a false report against a man, virtually nothing is ever done to her, so it encourages more and more of her twisted sisters to follow suit.

    Many men from across the globe, including Dr. Subhadeep, have fallen victim to misandry (in its various forms). We need to see this, not as a regional issue, but as a world-wide pandemic.

  7. If the family members still think these laws are necessary and do not fight for gender neutral laws then they probably do not deserve justice


    A social movement against gender bias in marital disputes and against the inhuman (I feel so, as women are found to be proactive generally as they are legally shielded, and the male partner has to suffer meekly, in this otherwise human society of equals) law’s like 498A should be initiated, or else we would have to see more Dr. Subhadeeps. At least, educated, employed, urban women should be exempted from this shield, as they are capable enough to avail general legal redressal processes.

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