Most of the citizens of India are now aware of the tool called RTI. But how many of us have actually filed an RTI Application ?

 It is observed that most of the people who need some significant public information are afraid to file an RTI Application just because they do not know “How to start”. First we must understand that RTI Application is actually a set of questions that we are asking the Public Information Officer and so, it does not have to be in a very specific formal format. This means that, to file your first RTI, you must do the following :

 ·        Step 1 :- Prepare a list of questions. Make sure that you have numbered your questions.

 ·        Step 2 :- Insert an introductory text which can be like a letter. It can contain some general text like – Respected Sir, Kindly provide me the following information… followed by your questions.

 ·        Step 3 :- Insert a footer after the questions. Here you should specify the serial number of the Postal Order which you have used as application fee. Footer can contain information regarding whether the information sought is public information. Or, whether you are a concerned party. Conclude your letter with your signature.

 ·        Step 4 :- Like any other letter, you can put a subject line stating Request for information under Right to information act 2005

 ·        Step 5:- Add the From and To fields appropriately.

 ·        Using a paper clip, attach the postal order with your letter and put it in the envelope. Needless to say, write the address of the addressee on the envelope.

 ·        Your RTI Application format is ready. This will of course be modified according to the information sought.


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