Family related issues are at the forefront of social challenges facing Bengal:

  • Women are postponing marriage –Late marriage is ubiquitous
  • The birth rate of blue blooded Bengalis is falling even though population is increasing due to migration and itinerant workmen from other states.
  • The divorce rate rising-Bengal has one of the highest Divorce rates in India.
  • Young men are finding it difficult to attract wives
  • The percentage of the elderly is growing rapidly and their care is a major social problem.

The problem is severe among Upper middle class Bengalis.

Bengali Family was once the Bedrock of Bengali Society and the last bastion of the Bhadrolog.

The growth of Feminism and consumerism is responsible for steady erosion of Family in Bengal.

Feminism has, provided a new straight-jacket for a large segment of the young educated females. Trapped by this straight-jacket mentality women are made to feel that unless they pursue a career in the market place, they can’t hold their heads up. Many have become apologetic and meek about the traditional role of wife and mother.

Thus, the role of wife and mother, hallowed and revered for millennia in Bengal, has become demeaned and devalued to the point that many Young women today have rejected marriage and motherhood.

To supplant the centrality of family life is to cause grave peril to the social fabric and to personal fulfillment.

There is an Urgent need to save Bengali family.

6 Responses to Introduction

  1. abhiyan says:

    please write about sense of decrasign modesty with pix in the blog

    • Bimal Kumar Mukherjee says:

      All this is happening because number of Bengali”s started woeking abroad and settling there.

      When ahousewife or a newly married wife starts settling at USA.Finally the wives start working

      over there.They see a new world,maybe beyond their imagination.It becomes very dificult for

      the husband to bring her wife back.The tussle starts and finally the break up.The woman earns

      a very high amount in two years which is equivalent to earnings of around 10 years in India.

      They are happy and is least bothered about her better half,The breakup is inevitable.

      Even the family who is settled abroad always interested on the savings and they keep

      their parents at a far end of the world i.e India.Whom we blame the Groom or the Bride?

      Brides have power and strength to hypnotise her husband and that”s how the family is

      disintregrated .There are Grooms who love their parents,Even with some trouble with his

      wife he remains firm and believe me the family becomes a consolidated group.The wife starts

      slowly understanding the inlaws.Hence the moral of this is:

      Be firm ,close your eyes and remember your parents and do not compromise with your wife

      If you do not do it you are gone the life will be miserable,Family break up is bound to happen.

      You feel that both of you will enjoy your life.No you will get the same treatment from your


      My views : Do not stay abroad with your Child when the child is between 7 years to 17

      years.If there is no alternative let the schooling be in India

      with children grandparents.Beyond the above age bracket world is yours.Belive me your

      child will an Indian,

      Other alternative let you child do the schooling in India then you go abroad with family.

      Child can do the higher studies in India/abroad.

      After you earn a lot please return to India and take care of your Parents.Brides parents

      are also important.

  2. Anusia says:

    Thanks for bringing light in to this matter. Its a very rare and unique thought.

  3. suman sengupta says:

    It is questioned that the blogger please elaborate upon his straight jacket theory and how does he find feminism responsible for the dilution of traditional family roles in contemporary times …. And Mr Bimal Kumar Mukherjee ,you are pointing that emigration is responsible for family breakdowns but I fing family breakdowns even in cases where son’s have not migrated and previously the son.his brother, his father and mother lived in harmony before

  4. dr. alhamdu says:

    Bengali women are basically very hostile, peace breaker, a serious burden . They can not adjust in outside world nor they can make a happy peaceful life in home. When they deal outside do behave ok which is their acting skill,however in home love to fight and make life hell for many bengali men. The ugly looking bengal feminist are another entity who brain washing new generation to be miserable.

  5. AG says:

    Can’t agree with this article more. The upper middle class is being affected the most. Quite a few of them have left Bengal, and the ones that are remaining have few options at hand. The dire state of the Bengal economy is largely to blame, although feminism has been a reason too. Bengali women are incredibly selfish and hostile, and are often responsible for instigating divorces.

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